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Cattle Results



A-A1: Pen of 2 Heifer - born 2019

1 Southend Murray Grey Stud Murray Grey Heifers

2 Southend Murray Grey Stud Murray Grey Heifers



A-B1: Bull - 12 months and under

1 Venturon Questions Asked RTTQ17 (Angus)
2 Southend Quarterback WMMQ466 (Murray Grey)
3 Venturon Quickmoney RTTQ12 (Angus)

A-B2: Bull - 12 to 16 months

1 Venturon Qantas VE7Q17E (charolais)
2 Mubarn Quinn ZPTPQ006 (Simmental)
3 Southend Quarry WMMQ400 (Murray Grey)

A-B3: Bull - 16 to 24 months

1 Greenland Powershift CG9P001 (Poll Hereford)
2 Venturon Pocketrocket RTTP13 (Angus)


A-B4: Bull - 24 months and up

1 Southend Narssist WMM N185 (Murray Grey)
2 Greenland Menico CG9M005 (Poll Hereford)


A-B5: Female - 12 months and under

1 Venturon Hollie VE7 Q21E (Charolais)
2 Southend Rowan WMMQ457 (Murray Grey)
3 Venturon Queen of Hearts RTTQ5 (Angus)

A-B6: Female - 12 to 16 months 

1 Southend Lily WMMQ380 (Murray Grey)
2 Mubarn Vasti ZPTPQ001 (Simmental)
3 Fairbrass Park Minnie FP4Q1E (charolais)

A-B7: Female - 16 to 24 months

1 Southend Perfection WMM 344



Nutrien Ag Solutions Junior Champion Male

Venturon Qantas

Nutrien Ag Solutions Reserve Junior Champion Male:

Mubarn Quinn

Elders Junior Champion Female:

Southend Lily

Elders Reserve junior Champion Female:

Venturon Hollie

Nutrien Ag Solutions Senior Champion Male:

Southend Narssist

Nutrien Ag Solutions Reserve Senior Champion Male:

Greenland Powershift

Elders Senior Champion Female:

Southend Perfection

Elders Grand Champion Female:

Southend Perfection

Nutrien Ag Solutions Grand Champion Male:

Southend Narssist

Milne Feeds Supreme Champion:

Southend Narssist

Milne feeds Most Overall Points Cattle Section:

Southend Murray Greys

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