Section B: Equestrian Events

Section B: Equestrian Information


Location:  Rea Park

Society’s Liability: All person’s entering the equestrian section do so at their own risk.  The committee, steward, judges, helpers, etc. will not be liable in any way for any loss, damage, injury or illness to horses/ponies, owners, handlers or spectators.Please ensure you have the relevant insurance to ensure the safety of animal and human.

  • All competitors and exhibitors must pay at the entry gate;

  • Gates will be open to the grounds for entry from 6:00am.

  • No horses are to enter through the pedestrian entrance gates.

  • Prizes may be cash or goods to a similar value.

  • All horses and ponies must be registered with their breed society.  A copy of registration must accompany the entry or it will not be accepted (TB, SB and unregistered are exempt);

  • Horses or ponies that are multi registered may compete in all eligible classes but remember classes will not be held up at any time, if classes clash competitors must choose 1 ring;

  • Entry in to Any Other Registered Breed is only if the registration is not covered in any of the other classes listed in the schedule.

  • Stallions and Colts must be under control at all times. They must be wearing suitable and substantial head gear. The age of the handler must be as per each respective Breed Society regulation. Notwithstanding this, handlers may not be younger than 18 years for in hand classes.

  • Age of the rider and handler will be as at the day of the event. Proof of age may be requested.

  • All riders must wear a current approved safety helmet and riding boots at all times whilst mounted on their horse or pony.

  • All handlers must wear safe enclosed footwear and appropriate attire in accordance with Breed Society Regulation.

  • Any whip used must adhere to each Breed Society regulation. Notwithstanding this, whip length MUST NOT exceed 120cm.

  • It is the responsibility of the competitor to ensure they are ringside in time to compete in their class. If classes clash it is the responsibility of the competitor to choose which event they will compete in. Classes will not be held up.

  • Refunds (less administration costs) will only be made on production of a Medical or Veterinary Certificate. A copy of the certificate must be supplied to the Organising Committee within 5 days of the event.

  • The decision of the Judge is final. Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated. Failure to abide by this and any of our other rules may lead to disqualification and forfeiture of entry fees.

  • All breed exhibits will aim to be judged in accordance with the standards of the relevant breed association.

  • The organisers reserve the right to cancel, alter, delete or combine any events they deem necessary on the day.

  • If a Judge or the Show Committee deems an Exhibit to be unruly (or unwell) it will be required to leave the grounds. This rule is in the interest of the safety of all competitors, spectators and officials and must be abided by

  • Where one ring finishes early, classes may be moved to another ring;

  • All riders less than 18 years of age must wear approved safety helmets at all times.  All riders aged 18 years and over may choose not to wear a helmet if they have signed the appropriate waiver, otherwise they must wear approved safety helmets at all times;

  • Any protest must be made within half hour of the end of the class, in writing to the Event Coordinator on grounds, accompanied by a $50.00 cash deposit (non-refundable if the protest is not upheld). Rulings will endeavor to be provided within half hour of the presentation of Supreme Champion Exhibit.

  • Exhibitors, owners or spectators are not to approach any Judge without prior approval from the Event Coordinator or delegated person on ground

  • Champion and Reserve Champion will be awarded within each breed section and the Champion will be eligible for Supreme Champion Exhibit. Horses that are placed second to the Champion will be eligible for judging of Reserve Champion. Best Presented, Hander and Unregistered classes are ineligible for Supreme.

  • Please ensure you leave the area in which you parked your vehicle/float/truck and attended your horse/pony in the state in which you found it. Manure MUST be removed by you and no hay is to be left behind. This condition also applies to the use of the covered tie up facilities.

  • All entries must endeavor to participate in the Grand Parade;

  • Entries and fees for Show and unofficial show jumping are due on the day

  • Breed Entries will be open from January 7th 2020 at 8:00am and will close Monday 9th March 2020 at 9:00pm. On the day entries will be permitted upon entry, however a $10 late fee will be applied per exhibit. You must present at the Breed Hub Tent to submit your on the day entries prior to 7:00am to ensure you receive your pack in time for commencement of classes.

  • Competitor packs will be available at the Breed Hub tent near the entrance. Please note that this is where the Breed Coordinator will be based throughout the event.

  • If required by your Breed, Height Certificates should be current and should be available if requested. (Thoroughbred, Standardbred and Unregistered are exempt from this condition)

N.B. Combined Classes will be aligned with the society most relevant.

All equestrian winners to receive sash


Additional Considerations:

  1. If you have won a sponsored class, please endeavor to thank the sponsors.

  2. Please endeavor to thank your judge, ring officials and fellow competitors.

  3. In the safety of competitors, spectators and attendees of the Warren Agricultural Show, dogs will not be permitted on grounds.


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