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PO Box 303

Rea Park, Cnr Collier and Johnson Street

Manjimup WA 6258



The show office is open from 9am Monday before the show for acceptance of entries.




(Affiliated with the Royal Agricultural Society of WA)

PO Box 303 Manjimup WA 6258


Patrons:                                 Paul Omodei Snr, Ian Wilson

President:                               Aimee Bendotti

Vice President:                        Pat Martin

Secretary:                              Ethel Sale

Treasurer:                               Ashleigh Collins

Rural Ambassador:                  

Honorary Veterinarian:              Manjimup Veterinary Clinic

Groundsman:                         Ian Wilson

Committee:                            Noelle Della Franca, Les Jones, Julie Bettink, Fiona Ward, Charles Otway, Rachel Hopcraft, Sangeetha Ravindran, Susanne Peet

General Members:                 Carole Paterson, Ian Wilson, Rebekah Kingston, James Kingston, Mat Della Franca


Life Members:                        M Edwards, T Havlin, W Hill, M Lefroy, B Liddelow, K Liddelow, G Littlefair,  P Martin, C McKenna, GD Muir, C Paterson, WD Phillips, M Ross, J Rosser-Davies, J Sturis


Past Life Members:                  RM Decke, AP Faulks, N Fontanini, AT Ipsen, JB Ipsen, SE Parson, J Rea, Dr MF Williams, R Stubberfield, E Rice, H Butler, RT Ingamells

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