PO Box 303

Rea Park, Cnr Collier and Johnson Street

Manjimup, WA 6258



The show office is open from 9am Monday before the show for acceptance of entries.



Victoria Howe -



(Affiliated with the Royal Agricultural Society of WA)

PO Box 303 Manjimup WA 6258


Patrons:                                   Paul Omodei Snr, Harvey Giblett


President:                                 Aimee Bendotti

Vice President:                         Charles Otway

Secretary:                                Victoria Howe

Treasurer:                                 Ethel Sale

Rural Ambassador:                  Mitchell East

Honorary Veterinarian:            Jodie Pearce

Groundsman:                          Nick Howe

Committee:                             Noelle Della Franca, Les Jones, Pat Martin, Carole Paterson, Ian Wilson


Life Members:

H Butler, M Edwards, T Havlin, W Hill, RT Ingamells, M Lefroy, B Liddelow, K Liddelow, G Littlefair,  P Martin, C McKenna, GD Muir, C Paterson, WD Phillips, E Rice, M Ross, J Rosser-Davies, J Sturis


Past Life Members:

RM Decke, AP Faulks, N Fontanini, AT Ipsen, JB Ipsen, SE Parson, J Rea, Dr MF Williams, R Stubberfield

Membership of the Society:

Members of the public are encouraged to become members of the Society. 

If you would like to become a member, please click the link below to download your application form.

Single Membership              $10.00 - Includes One Day Pass.


Complimentary gate admittance passes are forwarded to financial members prior to the show.

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